This ACRO Services Scam Alert is an important message for all of our existing clients, as well as anyone who might be struggling financially.

If you are dealing with debt issues, you may be in more danger of falling victim to a fake debt collector scam. While real debt collectors are often abusive and break the law, fake debt collectors are even worse.

In these scams, fake debt collectors call and say you owe money for a debt that doesn’t exist. They may threaten you with legal action or jail time. These scammers also pretend to be lawyers or from the government to convince you to pay up.

If you know that you DO have outstanding debts, recognizing fake debt collector scams can be even more difficult. How can you tell which debt collectors are fake and which ones are real?

The best way is to engage the help of ACRO Services to validate all claims of outstanding debt to determine which ones are fraudulent. See if you qualify for our debt relief services with a free consultation.

If you are already an ACRO Services client, make sure you let your financial coaching team know about any new debt claims made against you. Our team with work on your behalf to make sure you are protected from fake debt collector scams.

Any time a “debt collector” does any of the following, they are breaking the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act: 

  • threaten to hurt you
  • use obscene or profane language
  • repeatedly call you
  • tell you that you owe a different amount than what you actually owe
  • pretend to be an attorney or from the government
  • tell you that you’ll be arrested, or claim they’ll take legal action against you
  • try to collect interest, fees, or other charges on top of the amount you owe, unless the original contract or your state law says they can
  • deposit a post-dated check early
  • publicly share your debts, including by sending postcards or putting information on envelopes

Have you been victimized by a fake or legitimate debt collector? You should report them to the FTC, and let ACRO Services know about any violations against you.