Frequently Asked Questions

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Check out some of the most frequent questions about our debt validation services below.

If you qualify and enroll in our financial coaching program, you are required to work with your financial coach to work towards having a functioning budget. Your coach will work with you monthly towards coaching you to be able to make and maintain a budget that will work for you and your family to lessen any financial stress you may be under.

From the time you submit all the necessary documentation to our processing center, you can expect the timeframe for coaching to last 10 to 12 months. Please note that lack of contact may stagger your time frame. Additionally, results may vary from client to client.

Unfortunately all clients are different and so is consumer credit. Our goal is to coach our clients to use proper financial planning techniques but every client’s situations are different and may need a different strategy than others.

Debt Consolidation is applying for a loan to enroll 100% of your account balances into one with one payment. This option requires a high credit score and solid, verifiable income to qualify. Sometimes, clients who apply for a refinance on their home’s mortgage will include unsecured debt into the new loan. If so, the client is now transforming unsecured debt into secured debt and when the mortgage balance has increased, the client may be stuck with a longer term or underwater in equity regarding home value. Most consolidation loan terms are anywhere from ten to thirty years. This is the most expensive option available.

Bankruptcy is a valid option in the marketplace that may seem “quick and easy” at first. It may even seem a cheaper alternative. This option does require the client to disclose assets and be under court order for the duration of the filing. The real expense of a Bankruptcy is on the backend when you apply for future financing of any kind and you find that if you are approved, the interest rates and new payments on loans will be much higher than if you didn’t have a Bankruptcy on your record.

Bankruptcies can remain on your credit report for seven to ten years. The simplest way to find out if you would be better prepared for the future would be to contact ACRO Services, LLC and speak with one of our knowledgeable financial coaches to see if coaching is a better option.

ACRO Services, LLC offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

A client is free to cancel at any time. Client will need to notify ACRO in writing that they want to cancel or call and speak to their representative.

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