At ACRO Services, we are proud to provide financial help to people that have lost hope, or feel overwhelmed by their current situation.

Helping our clients improve their lives through debt relief and credit counseling is all we do.

Recently, we helped James and Cindy S. from New York City turn their financial situation around. Both James and Cindy were in their 60’s when they enrolled in our program and were experiencing financial stress from debt payments they could not afford. 

To start fixing their finances, James and Cindy enrolled in the ACRO Services program. They worked closely with our team to relieve debts and stop the outrageous monthly payments that were putting them behind.

James and Cindy’s Results:

Monthly Savings by Eliminating Payments to Creditors: $633
Annual Savings: $7,596
Total Debt Relieved: $52,000

James and Cindy M. had this to say about working with ACRO Services:

“My wife and I have struggled for years from losing jobs, and making some bad financial decisions. This has been the best year for us in many years. Thank you.”

If you have recently lost a job and are struggling to make ends meet because of debt repayments, ACRO Services might be able to help you save hundreds of dollars by relieving your debt for good.

Get a free consultation to learn more and see if you qualify for the ACRO Services program by contacting our team today!