ACRO Services has the best credit counseling to work with our clients to help them eliminate debts, increase their financial literacy, and improve their financial health for the rest of their lives. 

Debt problems don’t happen overnight. We’ve found that many times our clients have not been making the best financial decisions for their situation for many years. All it takes to send these folks into a financial crisis is one emergency or large unplanned expense.

The best defense for financial stress is a robust emergency savings. Our expert certified credit counselors recommend building a savings of 3 months worth of expenses. But having just $1,000 in savings can sometimes be the difference between covering an emergency, or falling into worse debt.

Woman puts money into piggy bank for savings

But how can you start saving more money to build that emergency fund?

Here are 5 money-saving tips from the best certified credit counseling company:

Distinguish between wants and needs.

Oftentimes, the barrier to building up an emergency fund is spending too much on expenses for WANTS rather than NEEDS. In our consumer-centered society, we are bombarded by messages that encourage us to buy things we don’t really need. If you can start to prioritize what really matters and spend less on WANTS, then you’ll automatically start saving more money.

Treat yourself… For free!

Saving money doesn’t mean you should deny yourself any enjoyment. Rather, try to find ways to treat yourself to something special for free. Some ideas include having a dance party with your family (or alone), taking a luxurious bubble bath, going for a walk and enjoying nature, playing with your pet, look for free attractions in your hometown, go through old family photos, watch your favorite movie, or anything else you enjoy!

Identify big areas of expenses.

Take a look at your bank account and see which categories you are spending more than you should. Are you eating out multiple times a week? Stopping at the coffee shop too much? Making impulse purchases at the gas station? Paying for dozens of subscriptions that you can’t even remember? Our financial coaching team can help with this process – get in touch for a free consultation to see how much credit counseling could help you!

Find cheaper alternatives.

Once you identify areas where you’re overspending, finding creative and cheaper alternatives is the next step. For example: use the library instead of buying books, eat in more often, walk as much as you can instead of driving to save gas, and ask your doctor about generic medication. You can even turn it into a game to find cheaper alternatives to your expenses.

Make sure you’re not giving too much.

Many of ACRO Services’ clients are too generous with their family members and give money or other gifts they can’t actually afford. While giving gifts may make you feel great, it can be a real damper on your savings plan. Rather than giving money or expensive gifts, consider spending quality time with your loved ones or making handmade gifts instead! Your family will understand you prioritizing your financial health.

ACRO Services’ offer the best credit counseling and our coaches are here to help you. Working with ACRO can help eliminate your debts, help you save more money, and get financially healthy for life.

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